Recently I’ve been trying to connect more with the idea of Coachinguitar as both an ideology and a brand as well as looking to motivate myself to take develop this to the next level. Like many projects I’ve devised or been involved in staying enthused is important, clarifying what I want to achieve and how I can go about this feels paramount at this juncture as I’m sure it is to all starting up any business idea.
I spent the day with the Entrepreneur Academy London focusing on this yielding some interesting outcomes. The event examined how a business requires capital or investment at the beginning, precisely the time when it isn’t generating any of its own, a fair point and somewhat of a conundrum. They presented an interesting analysis of how we view money and how different attitudes towards it result in spending behaviours, that money is really a state of mind and that this affects how we respond to income/expenses/assets and liabilities. I believe I have many pre-programmed patterns towards what money is, what it’s for and what it can do? Growing a business idea is very much linked to growing your own character, it requires a great deal of reflection and development, which are key in the self, and if done so correctly will see the individual arrive in a state of readiness when the time arrives.  It seems to me to be an ideal time for change and I can recognise now that this entire ‘Big Share’ ethos I’ve currently engaged in is a massively different approach, sharing activity in the moment before knowing how it’s going to turn out has been liberating if not a little scary at times. 
This links well with the service I hope to provide with CG, in the development of a client’s mind-set and views to enhance their preparation process and as a result their performance. To reach a successful outcome; a confident and technically able rock god-like star will require a great deal of soul searching by this same idol in waiting in the early phases. Understanding the reasons for what you’re trying to do are essential, there’s a need to consider what does the client have to offer this role that they’re trying to reach not just what will it do for them?
We often feel trapped in the rat race and this was an idea we examined, for most our amount of personal wealth never really changes, even when our income increases (par rise, promotion) there’s inflation and life events; mortgage, car, partner, family, etc so it’s always a kind of in your means or even out of owing to credit situation. This session helped me to clarify that I want to be able to work autonomously whilst pursuing my passion rather than a structured environment where in someone else dictates my activities and then they reap most of the rewards from them. I’m motivated when following up what interests me and then sharing this with others; helping and supporting them in their development. A business is built on clients not money and over the next few months I am looking to tailor CG to meet potential  needs so there’ll be a lot of market research going on, if you have any thoughts as to what you’d be looking for in a coaching/tuition service feel free to get involved; post/comment here.

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