The BIG SHARE – practice time…

The BIG SHARE, so to start off the month of August in which I plan to share/log daily what I’m doing as a guitar player in the hopes of examining what exactly it is we do I first thought what is it that I think we do? And on top of everything, from writing sessions to studios to shows to even lusting after new gear, my honesty won out; Practice. We’ll always spend more time in preparation than in delivery so I’m going to look at my own approaches to this with a hope of improving my methods. ALL suggestions, comments and feedback are very welcome…

Structured practice routine

By implementing a practice routine I will aim to stay focused, utilising segments of time to structure the workload and committing to these tasks as opposed to the more frequent ‘jam and fun’ vibes I often lean to. I mean to measure my progress and complete objectives by the required deadlines; shows, sessions, etc.

DAY 1 – Tue 1/8/17 2hrs

10 – Warm up; chromatic scale – even timings to be increased, alt picking

10 – Flat picking – string skipping and control of plectrum/picking 30 – Scales; new – harmonic minor and chord types

20 – Lydian – refresh mode

30 – New solo for band – E Lydian mode application

10 – Arpeggios in the key of B – increase size of division in intervals for melodic measure, less scale like sounding passages

5 – Spiders – strength building

5 – Cool/stretch


1hr Acoustic

20 – New songs

30 – Current set/songs in repertoire

10 – Cover – Dylan/Through barricades – technique in the riff/motif Reflect


Consider the use of techniques applied and their success; progress made with solo writing

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