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Sharing my teaching via video is something I’ve always wanted to do, and although I’ve been filmed and photographed whilst performing on numerous occasions I was aware that creating a lasting document with instructional content was causing me some anxiety. I knew it would have to meet certain parameters to be deemed worthy of release into what is already a saturated market place. I wanted it to have a quality level that I would be happy with; this included the visual and audio production as well as the content and I was fortunate enough to serendipitously meet someone who works in media. After some discussion I was feeling reassured that this side of the project would be achievable. It felt important to get straight to the content so no long-winded intros or egotistical performance clips, just addressing the topic straight from the off. I also thought that each video would focus on a singular topic in a succinct and concise manner so would aim for 5 minutes duration so that the student isn’t loosing too much time before they can get onto playing themselves, which is the main goal here. I want to try and have 3 levels of differentiated activity in topic; beginner, intermediate and advanced so that guitar players of all levels can look to develop or refresh their practice.

I knew that if I could achieve these things I’d be happy to share my efforts, first I created some loose scripts for each topic; I wanted to get started on Major Scales and so envisioned a series ‘Make it with the Major Scale’ as this knowledge does impact greatly onto many other areas for guitar and music making in general. This would require some theory which I wanted to be brief and applicable, in the first of the series I decided to show how a Major scale is constructed and then played on guitar, I used Face Book live to try out some initial drafts that I could then watch back, reflect on and review. With the assistance of the same graphic designer who devised our branding we developed instructional diagrams that were still in our visual aesthetic yet informative, I found this very exciting as these kinds of schematic have remained the same for a long period of time via countless mediums. I enjoyed the editing process, making selections between camera angles, durations for diagrams to be displayed, etc all whilst trying to maintain the flow of information to the user. I feel that recording this video has had a huge impact on my teaching and how I approach instructing and supporting guitar students. There are 2 more in the series awaiting editing and then I’m starting a new series, all feedback, thoughts, suggestions welcome and gratefully received.

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