Music and Depression – Be Prepared

Following on from ‘Help Musicians UK’ releasing the results of the largest ever survey of its kind we’ll be drafting a series of articles looking at practical ways the gigging musician can manage the worry which can come with performing.

Of those that partook a staggering 71% of respondents believed they have experienced anxiety and panic attacks.

The first in this series looks to accept the idea of worry about an upcoming performance as normal behaviour, destigmatise what anxiety is and  look at practical activities of how we can coach ourselves through it. Ready to Perform considers what the player can do before show time, let us know what you think or feel of this analysis and of the coping strategies suggested.

What do you do to appease your nerves prior to show time, when is it possible to develop in these areas and how, has anxiety ever caused a performance to not achieve at the level you know you are otherwise capable of?

Its a very sensitive subject, especially for guitar players who are constantly encouraged by the industry and the propagation of image to the public to appear effortless, cooler than cool and unfazed by such events. However in most cases we’re sure this isn’t the reality and speaking from experience this is something which can be improved upon, we need not only rehearse the technical elements but the psychological, spiritual and emotional  facets of sharing an artistic expression with others.

See the full report here and consider if music is making you sick –

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  1. A very important topic. When training in any performance based art, performance anxiety is rarely addressed but so commonly experienced. Train the mindset and the rest will follow!

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